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About Me

" There is no “about me” without “a bigger WE.”  I am part of an ever-expanding network of global activists. We are working to shift old patterns and structures, and create new pathways toward citizenship and community. "

"I work to do my part to bring attention to the innovations at the edges of the quiet revolution of those who leave limitations behind to pioneer possibilities. As an “artist of social change,” I co-create with others on this journey to a “Beloved Community”. My story is woven in each creation offered here—each book, article, video, story quilt— designed to make visible these astonishing stories of determination, defiance, difficulty and delight that I have witnessed. I discover my self with these people who find strength and courage by imagining better, taking action, reflecting and redirecting, and deepening our relationships over time." 

Brittany Curry graphic image of Beth Mount's work
Beth and young child looking to create the future

Building Thriving Communities:
Making a Shift Toward Relational and Restorative Care

Building Thriving Communities story quilt image
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