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Awareness Based Leadership Videos

Awareness Based Leadership cultivates collective action and courage to change old patterns. Each story offers examples of ways that we can all be more effective by harnessing the power of our intention and attention to what matters most. 

What More is Possible: Nebraska Person Centered Planning Initiative 

This keynote address by Beth Mount launched the Nebraska State Wide Person Centered Planning Initiative in September 2020.   Beth looks back over 45 years of bring our attention to our shared work that strengthens pockets of possibility. Inattention to capacities and gifts traps us in a story of fear and isolation.  Opening to the highest potential of a community that works better for everyone energizes co-creation.

Our Attention is Powerful; Cultivating Courage in Complexity

The quality of attention that we bring to our shared work strengthens pockets of astonishing possibility. This is an excerpt from An Awareness Practices for Leadership course offered by the Presencing Institute in October, 2021, hosted by Arawana Hayashi, Manish Srivastava, and Angela Baldini.. Beth explores the power of Theory U and the social arts to activate collective co-creativity of diverse people so that multiple ways of knowing can be woven into the creative process of social change.

Power in the Dark Quilt Narration

Beth invites us to “see in the dark” ways that dominant systems make people invisible and confine people to segregated routines and roles. Seeing in the dark invites us to break old patterns, to create spaces that expand belonging, create understanding, and nurture love

Finding Hope in Uncertainty

In May, 2020, The Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE) converted their annual, International Community Summit to a virtual event. As the keynote speaker for this Kick off event, Beth offers reflections on “Finding Hope in Uncertainty,”exploring the challenges and opportunities related to the Covid crisis and beyond. Beth and musician Gaeynn Lea encourage listeners to “take a look around and watch the world unfold” as the invitation to let go of old ways, connect to resilience and hope, and discover seeds of a future worth fighting for.

Shining Seeds of Possibility

Beth narrates the story quilt she has created as an artifact that captures the heart, spirit, and insights from our learning journey together in the Pathfinders' Studio - Winter 2024...a creative space for reflection, where we can pay attention to what is, and what more is possible, and deeply know that we are not alone.

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