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What More is Possible Publications

"What more is possible?" is a key question in exploring the creativity necessary for social change. This question has been a central focus for publications and learning events  I have participated in co-creating.

Pathfinders Book


“Pathfinders: People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Allies Building Communities that Work Better for Everybody,” co-written with John O’Brien—highlight organizational changes that result from transforming the way we see and do our work.The book weaves theories of change with personal and organizational stories that bring possibilities to life. 

What More is Possible? 

The “What More is Possible?” spiral provides a map for connecting the dots between personal, organizational, and community engagement. In every Pathfinder story, we see ways that these ever-widening cycles of investment correspond with strengthening relationships, valued roles, and organizational change.  


Where Do We Stand


To stay faithful to this journey, we need to know where we stand as change agents.  “Where Do We Stand?” brings us back to ourselves and our place, lest the tasks of creating inclusion overwhelm us. By nourishing the people, ideals, and practices that sustain us, our hearts are encouraged, our imaginations are brightened, and our will to social invention keeps its edge. 

How Do We Know Community?

Engagement in local communities and neighborhoods is essential in person centered work. Deep discovery of community reveals opportunities for valued roles, relationships and belonging. This lens for looking at How Do We Know Community steers us toward deepening personal connections and co-creative action. 

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