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Person Centered Planning

A simple idea for all people…

...explore what more is possible to create the conditions and experiences that build a desirable future.

Person centered planning expands the power of people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and allies, to choose and create a desirable future of belonging, contributing, and making a difference.


More than 40 years ago I designed Personal Futures Planning as an artful method for gathering people with intellectual disabilities, and those who care, to record and map: relationships; neighborhoods, preferences and choices; gifts and capacities; hopes and dreams​.

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The transition from youth to adulthood is such a vital time. How we approach this time of becoming can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. 

The task at hand is supporting a young person to make their place in the world, imagining possibilities for making a contribution, and the places and relationships that can experience the value of the gifts they bring. 


Ultimately a "person centered" approach to supports and services, will mean individualizing support; meeting the person where they are, and walking with them on a journey toward their unique vision of a desirable future.



For many people with disabilities, the people who provide Direct Support in their lives, day after day, can and do make such a difference. 

Tapping into the creativity of the people who provide Direct Support is critical to people finding their place in community. There is such a deep need to recognize, and introduce, people to their "creative selves", and celebrating the creative contributions they can and do make.

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