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Transition Planning

Stories of small collectives of young people and families planning for their last years of high school and their transition to adult life deserve special attention.  A person centered transition plan invites people to “Build a New World” of possibilities beyond high school while creating new experiences during school. “Lives of Distinction” tells how lives unfold as a result of individualized supports that enable people to create valued roles in their communities. 



Building New Worlds

Building New Worlds describes the transition process that students with disabilities and their allies are creating to assure that they will be active participants in family and community life upon graduation from high school. The book chronicles the lives of many students as the valued citizens they are becoming in the face of the many limitations they encounter.


Lives of Distinction

Lives of Distinction  features the remarkable stories of ten people with disabilities who are contributing to community life through Job Path’s Community Supports Program.  An inspiration!

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