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Learning Institute
Practice Videos

The Learning Institutes for Innovation in Individualized Supports engage people in a learning journey through six movements of Theory U, the theory of change that guides our work. Participants try out a variety of practices to deepen their levels of listening and to exercise different ways of knowing. In the following videos, Beth Mount provides specific instructions related to four of the core practices. 

Artifact Making Video

Artifact making is a visual art form that supports people to “see” the future by making an image to help crystalize the seeds of a future wanting to be born. The collective artifact making and related story telling strengthens the courage and resolve of a people finding their way to co-create more restorative worlds. This video provides many artifact examples and describes the process of artifact making. 

Listening To Your Hands Video

This practice engages people to explore a change they want to bring to life that will strengthen their positive influence of person-centered planning and invites us to listen to ways our hands show us fresh possibilities. Beth describes the two step process where a collection of local objects are assembled into a metaphorical model  - Sculpture 1 - of your current situation.  Then, using the same objects, they are reconfigured into Sculpture II - framing new and better directions of action and possibility.

Mapping the Inner States of Change Makers Video

As we practice deeper listening to generate new possibilities we discover even more constraints that limit our capacity to act. Mapping Inner States encourages reflection on our inner experience so that we find more degrees of freedom to act with courage and confidence.

Case Clinic Video

A Case Clinic accesses the wisdom and experience of a small team to discover fresh ways to understand and co-create ways to meet one team member’s leadership challenge.  This video provides instruction for the severn steps of the Case Clinic process.

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