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Urban Innovations in Harlem, NYC

Harlem’s Urban Innovators illuminate the co-creation of countless neighborhood opportunities for people to stepinto valued roles and memberships.  This profile illustrates a pattern of community building that generates an astonishing array of ways for people to experience inclusion: to belong and contribute.

Harlem's Urban Innovations

This TEDx style talk by Beth Mount features photos and stories of Urban Innovators making their way into rich relationships with community activists, artists, and entrepreneurs. Meet many of those who engaged heart, head, and  hands, in developing new capacities among people throughout Harlem neighborhoods. 

Harlem Share

Urban Innovators and local activists hosted the Harlem Share, a one day “teach in” event that welcomed 300 local residents into an East Harlem playground to make art, food, poetry, and music together. 

Riverside Church Uplifting Women in the Beloved Community

This annual women’s luncheon at The Riverside Church in Harlem honored “Women of the Beloved Community,” including women with disabilities, mothers, and direct support professionals along with 300 guests from the church and community. 

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