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Individualized Supports

Individualized supports help people live their best lives in their own homes.   The stories here demonstrate how each unique support situation gives a glimpse into keys to success in individualized support. 


Keys-to-Life book cover

Keys to Life

“Keys to Life” tells how ten people moved from traditional group settings into homes of their own, and the adaptive work of an organization that sustains innovative design and success of each arrangement. The book also describes guiding ideals, four leadership commitments, and a template for residential design that supports people to co-create individualized supports and negotiate decision making with allies and associates. cover

Wish Fulfilling Justice

Beth Mount, Carole Gothelf and Jennifer Teich – put forth the vision that people with severe disabilities can live in their own homes – based on their experiences with families in NYC. “Wish Fulfilling Justice” describes support designs that began for five people and ultimately expanded individualized options for more than 100 people who live in their own homes throughout New York City.

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