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Creativity in the service of strengthening inclusive communities.



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I work as an artist of social change. I engage with people in co-creating imaginative futures on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and their families and allies.  For 50 years I have been committed to cultivating supportive relationships and conversations that can liberate people, and change the way we relate in our more inclusive communities. In this website you will find publications, videos, images, artifacts, and links to resources, that illuminate the faces, places, practices, and imaginative spaces where people are finding fresh ways to live their best lives.



I have curated this work under three themes: Person-Centered Planning, Organizational change, and Social arts of co-creation.  I invite you to explore these stories and experiences of real change. You will discover the ways that people are making a difference wherever they are.  I invite you to find your place in imagining a world that works for everyone! 

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Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning expands the power of people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and allies to choose and create a desirable future.

Organizational Change

Explorations of how organization change results from transforming the ways we see and do our work.

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Social Arts

Art forms that support people to see and change the social structures and patterns that limit development of a Beloved Community. Social art forms invite collective engagement in movement toward fresh possibilities.


Publications and videos by Beth Mount are available throughout this site as free downloads or with links to purchase from More than 600 additional articles can be found at Here are a few of Beth’s publications and videos

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How Person-Centered work differs from System-Centered work.

Person Centered Planning changes our assumptions about people in 5 ways.

Beth's Story Quilts provide a glimpse of our capacity to engage, co-create, and bring together through art what indifference has taken apart.

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