Project: Wish Fulfilling Justice (AHRC) 

This project centers on stories of people with disabilities who are living
in their own homes through ARHC NYC’s Homebuilders Program. The quilt
tells the story of Janice Bartley, who lives happily in her own apartment in
the Bronx. Janice’s life reminds us that her capacity to live independently is directly related to her interdependence with others who are dedicated to her well being. She is featured in the center of her new accessible apartment. The 25 figures around her reach across their ethnic, faith and economic differences to solve problems, negotiate hard times, have fun, secure needed resources, provide day to day support, and build a stronger community in which Janice’s gifts can unfold. Each person depicted carries emblems that represent life gifts of friendship and support. Janice is a remarkable, generous woman who inspires everyone in her circle—so her qualities of courage, wisdom, and determination radiate from her joyful presence.

The central pentagon represents the space of
“wish-fulfilling Justice,” where quality of life grows;
the star represents the accomplishments that
guide Janice’s contributions to the world. Today,
she has left a traditional day program behind and
is working in several highly valued paid jobs. She
is a speaker, a leader in the self-advocacy move-
ment, and a participant in a poetry reading group.

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