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Journey to the Beloved Community

Journey to the Beloved Community 2012

The linked exhibitions and events grouped under this name offered a 
glimpse into the beauty of the “beloved community,” a phrase used by Dr. 
Martin Luther King to describe a place where the gifts and concerns of all 
people are woven together. The programs celebrated our capacity to engage and co-create, bringing together through art and expression all that has been torn apart, damaged, or unheard. Though the beloved community can—and I hope one day will—be anywhere on earth, this particular group of events was inspired in part by the unique people and community of Savannah, Georgia, where advocates including my colleague Tom Kohler are doing powerful work.

As part of the series, a group of my large-scale story quilts were exhibited at the Jepson Center for the Arts, a part of the Telfair Museums in Savannah. The exhibition spanned works from 2003 to the present, including projects completed with one person as well as those facilitated for and within groups. Though diverse in imagery and origin, I hope that all six artworks help create a shared space in which people can celebrate individual capacities, remember common bonds, and engage in conversations that let all voices resonate.