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Inspirational Artwork

Inspirational Artwork

CapacityWorks2 products couple images from my story quilts with 
empowering calls to change, allowing you to share inspiration with 
others and display it in both work and personal settings. Click here 
to visit CapacityWorks2 and view and purchase books, worksheets, 
posters, notcards, plaques and buttons.

NEW! The Imaginative Journey Pathway Cards

The Imaginative Journey Pathway Cards describe twenty six invest-
ments of time and attention that strengthen the connection between 
person-centered planning and social innovation. The Pathway Cards 
support people and their allies to go on a journey toward citizenship by sensing opportunities and capacities, becoming aware of the highest potential in a situation, and learning by doing. Along each pathway, artifacts will be created to help discern the way, discoveries will come, and needed actions will become clear and crystallize into prototypes. Like a rudder on a ship, even small efforts will redirect time, energy and attention toward new supports. As teams create and refine multiple prototypes of better support, a culture of social innovation grows.

Each Pathway Card presents a task, inspiration for the journey, instruction, and suggestions for making artifacts related to four dimensions of capacity building:

INNOVATE by generating social inventions
AMPLIFY capacities in people and strengthen vision
ACTIVATE initiative in community-building, and 
ASSOCIATE to inspire the capacity of inclusive communities.

The Imaginative Journey Pathway Cards can be used by individuals, families, and change teams who are invested in organizational learning and community building. Join with others and make your own Pathways to Citizenship with The Imaginative Journey as a guide. ​Click here to order.